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17 August 2012 @ 10:19 pm
  This year's Olympic game closed already, but I just found out today that IOC has uploaded full coverages for all the events (opening, closing ceremony, all the games from pre to final ) on their Youtube account. This is Great ! I was especially looking forward to see MTB and BMX or any kind of bike related games, but non of the Japanese TV stations broadcasted them...and now I can finally enjoy them all ^_^  
03 August 2012 @ 12:03 am
"God is merciful and compassionate, even when our sins are many," said Humaid Alderei, a player of Judo from the UAE for this year's London Olympic, "God is with me wherever I go, whether I fast or not...The most important thing is to have faith in God and give it your best and thank God, whether you win or lose."

I am not particularly faithful person, but his remark on this article impressed me a lot, and clear some dilemma stacked in my mind for a long time. After all, if you can see the belief in yourself and commit hundred percent of yourself toward the goal, then whatever the achievement is, it will turn into great milestone in one's life. I was kinda "pray and behave for god by own interest" person and tend to deny him once I lose something. It won't change so easily, but from now on, I will remember his words whenever facing with difficulty of the life.

Great mind dwell in great body. Those athletes always make me think about the possibility of the humankind, and how beautiful to see they break what we called "limit" or "impossibility".

*and from here we can watch Mr Alderei's fight on that day.
29 July 2012 @ 03:30 am
This week was mixture of good thing and bad thing happened in my life...let's say I could finally see one hope after suffering from harshness of the real life (perhaps, someone's best luck fortune actually gave me something left in its power ).
So when I felt down, I was trying to cheer myself up by listening some music, and this one came up on my player.

Seriously, I was kinda sad that this was the only song cross my mind when its necessary. I have certain level of confidence for versatility of my music collection, and this is the only song I have for the moment ?!
...But anyway, I still like later part of this music video when two young designers are communicating by drawing doodles. "If it's raining, there is person who'll give you umbrella. and if there will be nasty splash, he may take it for you. Even when you feel there is no way out, there is hope."...and I am huge fan of Samaire Armstrong. She is best when she acts girl next door for nerdy guy like me.

So, what is your anthem for keep yourself up ?
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01 June 2012 @ 12:27 am
Just as every year, 23 of May has come and passed. The way of spending this particular day has been differ from each year, but in recent few years I tend to think about my other friend who was born in an exact same day but in other side of the world. Due to the high, unreasonable expectation, the birthday itself often leave me a disappointment somehow, but finding someone who was sharing birthday (first and only one time to meet in such a person in my life) from another country has always made me excite and feel a miracle of once in a million theory.

So as an annual ritual, we exchange sms (international sms is something slightly more than e-mail, isn' it ? ) for greets a birthday for each other. He said there weren't particularly plan for that night because too many times celebration in the past, and I started to understand his feeling after finished my night for the 23. Sushi was delicious, I was bit confused by the rush of lot of fishes in sushi bar in Tokyo ( it's basically just a combination of the Tuna, Salmon, Vegetable in the Europe), but enjoyed the taste of my home country after all. But in the end, I found myself as unable to be in the mood of celebration for 100 percent without any particular reason.

I remembered that once my ex told me as she is not so happy about her birthday anymore because of the age (she was becoming 26? at that time), and guess I am just entering this age of denial now. Once it comes, the birthday is not a day for exciting about the world which is yet hasn't been conquered by ones hand and open up its unlimited capacity for the youthfulness, but rather the day for dedicated to looking back what you have done in the past one year. After reaching this conclusion (a next day), I suggested my friend to organize meeting for next year, and dedicate our special day for this time for the retrospection. He seems to like this idea but want to do it in somewhere in the East Asia...though I believe some calm European country side in full of nature is more suitable for our moment of retrospection. It's going to be an eighth year since we have met first time, and wherever it'll be, I hope it's going to be a good moment for us.

Anyway, to finish my best month of the year, I will ask my favorite movie and wine for a company of  tonight. Cheers for all of those who were born in 23 of May. After all, we are lucky to be born in the most beautiful month of the year :-)

P.S. My personal congratulation for ashakoshka . I'm looking forward to see you and baby's face soon. See, May is best month for everyone ;-)
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 But I can't help to write after seeing his 3rd inauguration ceremony as a president of Russian Federation through the TV...now, I don't deny his government and believe as most of western scholar of the Russian study agree that country like Russia, which has 83 federal subjects and 182 ethnic groups inside, need strong tycoon style leadership and consistent policy under stable government for her own development, but honestly speaking, never though that I would actually see the beginning of his 12 years career as a president again after just finished seeing his 12 years career as a head of state.
Few years ago, it was just a professor's favorite to say that Vladimir Putin is going to be a longest head of states in the history of contemporary Russia ( 24 years are even over the uncle Stalin's record ), but it is not a joke only in the classroom anymore. The good thing is I don't have to change picture in my profile page for next 12 years though.
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04 May 2012 @ 07:25 pm
It's been more than month since losing my appetite somehow, and I've eaten just once in a day since then.
As a result, last night I found my tummy got flat finally. This suppose to be a pleasant surprise since I heard that once it got fat it's hardly gone for guys in my age (now I entered late 20s). The only my current concern is how my new "habit" going to affect my mind. I'm still in belief of good mental condition is created by healthy food life...but in the mean time, it's not so bad to hang in the neutral feeling though. It's like a reading good novel and feeling billy corgan's whisper in his song during afternoon (do not forget about coffee).

Anyway, those rainy days in Tokyo finally gone in this afternoon, and I saw beautiful sun light from the cloud over the town. It enough to make me go out and feeling a scent of after the rain set me in front of desk and open this journal again.
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26 June 2009 @ 10:48 pm

taken from You Rock My World.
26 June 2009 @ 07:50 pm
A few days ago, I found some user turning on captha at their comment field.

It seems for a while since LJ gave this comment captha function to all accounts.
But have any of you notice it ?
Well, I didn't. And it started to make me wonder what else I missed beside of this comment captha.

One of recent changes on the LJ is introduction of new IM system called "Livejournal Messenger".
Sounds familiar ? Yes, they implemented similar system called "LJ talk" few years ago, but it didn't get good (or any) receptions from the community. So, what's the differences between "LJ talk" and "Livejournal Messenger" ?
According to this page, this new IM service is based on the Windows Live, and username@livejournal.com can be used as Windows live ID, once user turn it on from that page. After turning it on, very "facebook" like tool bar appeared on the bottom of the window while you are log into the LJ, and you know, this is basically Facebook chat clone. that's all.
Despite the fact new IM service has already started, LJ users can still access to the good old Jabber based "LJtalk" w username@livejournal.com. Now, I think you feel slight dizziness...actually me too.
Almost Forget to mention, but you can now talk to any of your friends on the Windows live network (eg: even if there account is hotmail.com/live.com ) with your livejournal account.

Having comment captha seems good option, even though it may be make commenting process slightly annoying thing for those who are non-spambot. More and More spams we have had on the LJ after it's purchased by the SUP, and we need something to prepare for it.
but I am not sure about integration to the Windows live. As a MSN free user, it seems to me LJ just giving away my private information to the organization which I've tried to avoid in whole my life.

and one more news from LJ ?
According to the article on the Washington post in January 6, SUP laid off its rest of stuff working at San Francisco (in other word, they were the one who originally manged LJ ), and announced the LJ will be operated from Moscow since then.
original WP article under the cut.Collapse )

Perhaps, it will not take so long till my account get suspended.
25 May 2009 @ 12:50 pm
5/23: Former President of South Korea, Roh Moo-hyun committed suicide.

         Also, it was my 24th birthday.

5/25: Kim Jong ill offers condolences over former S.Korean leader

          Apparently, Kim felt it wasn't enough to say good bye for his old friend.

          N.Korea did 2nd Nuke test. It was bigger than ever in the history of the country.

5/2? it's time for firework !

[5/25 16:48 update]
they did it.

[5/27 23:30 update]
Pyongyang said Korean Armistice Agreement (which has stopped the Korean war since 1953) is NOT valid anymore.

wose and wose, day by day.

[6/2 last update for this post]
so here is a cv of their new great leader.
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23 May 2009 @ 10:12 pm
Разрешите вам представить Гену из России...Collapse )

Never thought I would get Gena as a birthday gift ! He can even sing a song ( listen from here ).
Happy Birthday to you Simone. met person who was born on exactly same day as mine in abroad ? life is full of surprise.
Congrats for all of children who were born on the 23rd of May.
[update] Ok, now it's even better. that is song about birthday. aa...I have such a nice friend (;_;)

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